Heavy-duty offset disc harrow

Beam thickness: 8mm
Structure thickness: 6mm
Disc: 18/20/24/28/32
Disc Dia. : 660x 6
Working depth: 7″-8.5/8″

The Heavy duty disc harrow has a high harrowing ability to cutting soil, and make the soil loose and the surface flat, so it is suitable for heavy clay soil and weedy field. The heavy-duty disc harrow adopts a combined structure, the rigid frame of which is welded with rectangular tubes, equipped with hydraulic take-off and landing transport wheels, spring leveling device and tapered roller bearings. Therefore, the machine is easy to move, small rotation radius, and easy to adjust and maintain.


ModelDisc (Pcs)Disc Dia. (mm)Working Width(mm)Working Depth(mm)Weight(kg)Tractor(hp)
EBZX-2.018660x 620007″-8.5/8″ (180-220mm)174085-95
EBZX-2.220660x 622007″-8.5/8″ (180-220mm)205095-100
EBZX-2.3522660x 623507″-8.5/8″ (180-220mm)2150100-130
EBZX-2.524660x 625007″-8.5/8″ (180-220mm)2250130-160
EBZX-3.028660x 630007″-8.5/8″ (180-220mm)2450140-180
EBZX-3.532660x 635007″-8.5/8″ (180-220mm)2950180-250

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