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Heavy-duty Hydraulic Disc Harrow

EB-ZY Series Trailed Disc Harrow
Disc: 16/18/20/24/28/32/36 pcs
Disc Dia. : 660x 6
Working depth: 7″-8.5/8″

The hydraulic offset heavy-duty trailed disc harrow is mainly suitable for smashing the stubble before ploughing, breaking the surface knot, cutting the straw into the field, breaking up the clods after ploughing, leveling and protecting the hoes, etc., and can also replace the plough on the mature land to carry out the soil ploughing operation. The work efficiency is high, the power utilization is reasonable, and the ability to break up the soil is strong. After the work, the surface is smooth and the soil is loose. It has strong adaptability to the field with heavy soil, wasteland and weeds.


ModelDisc(pcs)Disc Dia. (mm)Working Width(mm)Working Depth(mm)Weight(kg)Tractor(hp)
EB-1.8ZY16610x 61800150-200142070-85
EB-2.0ZY18610x 62000180-220158085-100
EB-2.2ZY20610x 62200180-2201660100-120
EB-2.5ZY24610x 62500180-2202100125-150
EB-3.0ZY28610x 63000180-2202300150-180
EB-3.5ZY32610x 63500180-2202850150-180
EB-4.0ZY36610x 64000180-2203100180-200

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