Flail Side Manure Spreaders- AgriBro

Flail Side Manure Spreaders

Vol. (m³): 2.5/5/10
Load(t): 2/4.5/9
Spreading width(m): 0.5-2/ 6-12
tractor: 30-60/75-130/95-150Hp
The flail side manure spreader is used for orchard fertilization, which fertilizes the plants on the right side of the driving direction. When the manure is exported from the silo, the manure is stirred and crushed to make the manure more uniform and finer. Manure transmission uses high-strength mine-used round link chains, which are more durable. With its own hydraulic system, it only needs the tractor to provide a rear output power of 540 rpm, and the tractor’s hydraulic system can not be used at all.
Flail Side Manure Spreaders- AgriBro


Model Vol. (m³) Load (t) Spreading width(m) Power (hp) Dimensions (m) TW (kg) Wheels
EMS-10F 2.5 2 0.5-2 30-60 4.70x 1.55x 1.72 1,100 9.00-16
EMS-15F 5 4.5 6-12 75-130 6.07x 2.22x 2.15 2,400 12.00-20
EMS-20F 10 9 6-12 95-150 7.22x 2.40x 2.52 3,700 13.00-25

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