Vertical Beater Manure Spreader- AgriBro

Vertical Beater 10m³/15m³/20m³

Vol. (m³): 10/ 15/ 20
Load(t): 9/ 13.5/ 18
Spreading width(m): 8- 12
tractor: 90- 300Hp
The crushing blade of the manure spreader is made of manganese steel, which is wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant; the transmission uses high-strength mining round link chains, which are more durable.
Economy Twin Vertical Beater Manure Spreader- AgriBro

Product Characteristics:

  1. The gearbox and gearbox are of excellent quality and reliable performance.
  2. The crushing blade is heat-treated high-strength manganese steel, which is wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant; at the same time, it can effectively crush massive manure.
  3. Equipped with a hydraulically controlled gear conveyor belt for heavy-duty operations, the speed of manure delivery can be adjusted, the size of the manure outlet can be adjusted hydraulically, and 2 sets of 14MM thick high-strength steel conveyor chains
  4. Double vertical spiral spreader, strong crushing ability.
  5. The spreading width is 8-12 meters, even the manure and sludge with 80% water content can be spread efficiently.
  6. The traction adopts leaf spring shock absorption, equipped with an adjustable spring plate connecting hook, which can ensure the consistency of working effectively and make the working state more comfortable.
  7. The carriage has observation holes and is equipped with climbing escalators, which a convenient for the driver to observe the fertilizer consumption at any time.
  8. The whole machine has its own parking brake, and the axle has a brake airbag, which cooperates with the tractor’s pneumatic brake to ensure safe operation.
  9. The axle adopts the technology of well-known manufacturers, with excellent quality and guaranteed quality.
  10. Equipped with a tail light lighting system, it is safer to spread manure at night.
  11. After a full load, the lift of the rear door is driven by the oil cylinder to prevent the phenomenon that the rear door cannot be opened due to the increase of pressure on the inner wall of the hopper.
  12. The wide-angle clutch increases the connection angle, overload protection clutch, cut-off clutch, overrunning clutch, triple protection, and improves the life of the core components of the equipment.
  13. It is suitable for spreading various organic fertilizers such as block manure, wet manure, powder and other organic fertilizers with a moisture content of less than 80%.


Design Capacity (m³)6101520
Carrying Capacity (t)5913.518
Power Requirement (hp)75-10090-130130-150150-300
Spreading Width (m)8-128-128-128-12
Braking systemOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Shock absorberOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Rear coverOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Total Weight (Kg)3,2004,3007,00010,200
Dimensions (m)6.82x 2.89x 2.367.44x 2.59x 2.628.68x 2.62x 3.009.58x 3.10x 3.11