180~ 400 Hp Rotary Tillers- AgriBro

180~ 400 Hp Rotary Tillers

Working width: 2.3m/ 2.5m/ 2.8m/ 3m/ 3.25m/ 3.5m/ 4m/ 4.2m
Working Depth: 8- 18 cm
Tractor: 180 hp – 400 hp
Gear module: 10
Center height: 62 cm
The high horsepower rotary tillers adopt a module 10 gear. and the center height of 62 cm is suitable for tractors with 180-400 horsepower, effectively improving the transmission efficiency of the universal joint transmission shaft. The rotor is made of thickened seamless steel pipe.
180~ 400 Hp Rotary Tillers- AgriBro

More Details:

Rotor shafts( optional )

180~ 400 Hp Rotary Tillers- AgriBro
180~ 400 Hp Rotary Tillers

Rear rollers(optional: Cage roller, Packer roller, Rear cover)

180~ 400 Hp Rotary Tillers


Working Widthcm230250280300325350400420
Working Depthcm8~188~188~188~188~188~188~188~18
 Matching Powerhp≥90≥100≥110≥120≥120≥130≥140≥150
Rotary Blade Model/ⅠT245ⅠT245ⅠT245ⅠT245ⅠT245ⅠT245ⅠT245ⅠT245
Number of  Bladespcs6472808492100112120
Total Width (W)mm25502750299031903400370042004400
Total Length (L)mm12751275127512751275127512751275
Total Height (H)mm11801180118011801240124012401240
Total WeightRear flapkg76081087090095099011001150
Tooth Packer roller9901060115012001275134015001570
Options: Rear Flap, Tooth Packer roller, Cage roller

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