Single Shaft Agricultural Mulcher- AgriBro

Single Shaft Mulcher

Working depth: 1.20/1.30/1.50/1.80/2.0/2.2 m
Hammers: (22x 2)- (30x 2)
1. The length of the residual fork after crushing is consistent and the distribution is even
2. The use of new technology improves the service life of the tool
3. Increase the gear module of the gearbox to increase the speed ratio of the gearbox
4. Belt tightness can be quickly adjusted by external bolts
5. Strengthen the overall strength of the fuselage, and add a liner inside the shell
Single Shaft Agricultural Mulcher- AgriBro


Working width(m)
Power required(kw)22.05-29.4029.40-36.7535.30-58.8035.30-51.5066.15-80.3066.20-88.3080.90-95.60
P.T.O Shaft speed(r/min)540-1000
Working shaft speed(r/min)1800(540r/min), 2310(720r/min), 2400(760r/min), 2000(1000r/min)
Transmission modeSingle shaft single side transmission
Number of hammers22*2+18*324*2+ 20*3/22*320*2+ 30*322*2+ 34*324*2+ 36*326*2+ 40*330*2+ 40*3
Total width(m)1.41.511.761.912.062.262.46
Total length(m)
Total height(m)

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