Horizontal Beater Manure Spreader

Horizontal Beater Manure Spreader

Vol. (m³): 6/ 10
Load(t): 5.5/ 9
Spreading width(m): 4-8
tractor: 75-130Hp
The manure spreader is powered by the rear power output of the tractor. It adopts the rear horizontal beater to spread the manure.

Horizontal Beater Manure Spreader

Product Characteristics:

  1. The horizontal beater has a good effect on crushing and spreading sticky and wet manure and large pieces of manure.
  2. The manure conveying speed is adjustable to meet different spreading demands.
  3. The size of the opening of the discharge port is adjustable, and the amount of manure application can be controlled according to demand.
  4. Adopt heavy-duty conveyor chains with good stability and long service life.
  5. The gate of the discharge port is hydraulically controlled to make the manure discharge smoothly without blockage.
  6. The front axle, rear axle, mining circular chain, and spreading teeth are all designed with heavy-duty structure and processed by heat treatment, which has a longer service life and is more wear-resistant.


ModelVol. (m³)Load (t)Spreading width(m)Power(hp)Dimensions(m)TW(kg)Wheels
EMS-6HS65.54-875-1005.11x 2.12x 1.892,10012.00-20
EMS-10HS1094-890-1306.23x 2.30x 2.263,50013.00-25

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