Slurry Tankers

Slurry Tankers

Tank capacity: 8/10/12/16/20/32 m³
Rotate speed: 540 r/min
Tractor: 80-300 Hp

Slurry Tankers
Slurry Tankers
1. The performance of the main high-quality components such as the main pump, main control valve, load-bearing axle and auxiliary valve of the liquid manure spreader is stable and reliable.
2. Choose to be equipped with pneumatic brakes, tail lights, etc.
3. The liquid level indicator is in front of the tank, which is convenient for observing the change of the energy capacity of the tank.
4. Install a multi-stage overload protection device, which can provide pressure protection for the main pump, tank and pipeline.
5. Equipped with a noise reduction device, which can reduce the noise generated when the equipment is running.
6. The tank body is made of high-strength steel specially used for pressure vessels, and the inner and outsider of the tank are sprayed with corrosion-resistant, acid- and alkali-resistant coatings.


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