Twin Horizontal Beaters manure spreader

Twin Horizontal Beaters 8m³/10m³

Vol. (m³): 8/ 10
Load(t): 8/ 10
The crushing blade of the manure spreader is made of manganese steel, which is wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant; the transmission uses high-strength mining round link chains, which are more durable.
Twin Horizontal Beaters manure spreader
Twin Horizontal Beaters Muck Spreader

Product Characteristics:

  1. This type of manure spreader is designed to be pulled by a tractor, the rear output shaft of the tractor drives the spreading operation, and the output hydraulic pressure of the tractor drives the feeding system to work;
  2. The whole machine adopts half-axis double-tire walking mode and the grounding pressure is small;
  3. The main frame is welded with alloy steel material and wear-resistant steel plate, which is strong and durable;
  4. The feeding system is driven by double hydraulic motors and reducers on both sides. It adopts the transmission structure of high-strength mining circular chain double chain row. The fertilizer feeding system has strong drive, stable structure, and stable and adjustable manure feeding speed. Good uniform effect;
  5. The sprinkling screw shaft adopts the design of movable curved arc tooth-shaped crushing blade, which has excellent performance in crushing bulk manures. The crushing blade is made of wear-resistant steel plate after heat treatment, which is hard and wear-resistant, and has a longer service life. It can be easily replaced after local severe wear.


ModelVol.(m³)Unloaded weight(t)Max loading(t)Power (hp)Wheel track(m)

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