Twist Land Roller- AgriBro

Twist Land Roller

Working width: 6.1 m
Roller diameter: Φ1020mm (40”)
Roller thickness: 12 mm or 16 mm

Essential benefits of using a land roller are pushing down rocks into the soil and crushing dirt clods and corn root balls. Leveling the ground allows for a faster and easier harvest and reduces the potential for damaging combine guards, sickle sections or other costly mechanisms.

Other advantages to rolling harvested corn fields include eliminating stubble, which decreases damage to tires, and flattening the corn, which helps accelerate microbial degradation and decomposition.
Twist land roller- AgriBro
Rolling fields prior to planting corn prevents the row units from bouncing around, enabling better seed placement for a more even stand. Land rolling soybean fields after planting allows for lowering the header closer to the ground, which may slightly increase yield. It can also decrease the amount of dirt taken in by the combine for a cleaner harvest and potential added premiums.
 Using a roller ultimately increases your bottom line by providing better seed-to-soil contact; better germination and a faster harvest.


Working Width(mm)6100
Roller Diameter(mm)1020
Transport Width(mm)2500
Weight (kg)3800, 4500
Roller Thickness(mm)12, 16

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