EBJX disc harrows-AgriBro

Middle Duty Mounted Disc Harrow

Disc: 16/18/20/22/24/26
Disc Dia. : 560mm
Working depth: 5.9″- 7.87″ (150- 200mm)
Working width: 70.87″to 110.24″
Tractor: 50 to 100hp

The EBJX series hanging medium-sized disc harrow has a simple, strong and durable structure, easy to use and maintenance, good performance of soil breaking.


ModelDisc (Pcs)Disc Dia. (mm)Working Width(mm)Working Depth(mm)Weight(kg)Tractor(hp)
EB-1.8JX16560165.9″- 7.87″ (150- 200mm)44550-60
EB-2.0JX18560185.9″- 7.87″ (150- 200mm)47255-75
EB-2.2JX20560205.9″- 7.87″ (150- 200mm)54055-75
EB-2.4JX22560225.9″- 7.87″ (150- 200mm)65070-80
EB-2.6JX24560245.9″- 7.87″ (150- 200mm)68070-80
EB-2.8JX26560265.9″- 7.87″ (150- 200mm)80080-100

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