90~ 280 Hp Double-shaft Rotary Cultivators

90~ 280 Hp Double-shaft Rotary Cultivators

Working width: 2/2.3/2.5/2.6/2.8/3/3.5/ 3.8m
Working Depth: 8- 30 cm
Tractor: 90 hp – 280 hp
Gear Module: 10
blade shafts: 230~280r/m
The Double-shaft Rotary Tillers are suitable for the operation of high-horsepower tractors. It adopts high-strength large and medium box fork-type boxes, intermediate transmission, and front and rear double rotary tiller shafts. The speed of the blade shafts is 230~280r/m. Weeds are shredded and covered, two-pass rotary tillage, heavy roller suppression and other processes.
double rotor rotary tillers- AgriBro
90~ 280 Hp Double-shaft Rotary Cultivators


Working Widthcm200230250260280300350380
Working Depthcm8~308~308~308~308~308~308~308~30
Total Length (L)mm21352135213521352135213521352135
Total Width (W)mm22952555274028403010330037004000
Total Height (H)mm12651266126712681269127012711272
Matching Powerhp90~120100~135120~150130~160140~180150~200180~230200~280
Total weightkg11901220122512551285131513501400

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