Single Shaft Dual Side Mulchers

Beam thickness: 8mm
Structure thickness: 6mm
Disc: 18/20/24/28/32
Disc Dia. : 660x 6
Working depth: 7″-8.5/8″

1. Double transmission structure is adopted, the maximum width is 4.5 meters, and the work efficiency is high.
2. The side panels, middle panels, and cover panels are all made of thickened high-quality steel plates.
3. The diameter of the cutter shaft is thickened, the cutter speed is increased, and the crushing effect is improved. Equipped with oversized bearings and housings.
4. Increase the height of the box and 10M gears to improve the strength of the gearbox.


Working width(m)2.633.33.644.44.55
Power required(kw)91.90-110.30110.25-110.30110.25-169.05117.60-169.05132.30-161.80147.00-191.10147.00-191.10
P.T.O Shaft speed(r/min)540-1000
Working shaft speed(r/min)1800(540r/min), 2310(720r/min), 2400(760r/min), 2000(1000r/min)
Transmission modeSingle shaft Dual side transmission
Number of hammers32*2+48*336*2+56*340*2+62*344*2+68*352*2+76*368*268*2
Total width(m)3.13.443.783.814.494.95.02
Total length(m)1.651.651.651.651.731.731.6
Total height(m)

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